There's a lot of information about Perl out there on the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, a lot of it is of rather questionable quality. And, even more unfortunately, Google seems really happy to serve up results which include links to some of the dodgier pages - stuff that hasn't been updated since the end of the 90s.

We could debate the reasons for this for days. But in my opinion this hurts Perl's reputation. This information reinforces the stereotype that Perl is still just the programming language that was used to write bad CGI scripts twenty years ago.

So I've decided to do something about this. Perl Search is a Google Custom Search Engine which returns results from sites that are known to have good and up to date information about Perl.


Perl Search is run by Dave Cross. You can read his Perl blog or follow him on Twitter.

He would love to hear if you find the site useful or if you have suggestions for improvements.